Memberium is the best combination of streamlined, flexible, feature-packed, developer-friendly, well-supported, etc., etc. plugin that we have found for any WordPress membership solution (much less specifically for the Keap CRM). Currently Platyform requires Memberium as an integrative and functionality basis for all Stack deployments.

  • Current Version: 2.198
    Release Date: 2021-10-27
    Platyform Approved Up To: 2.197
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  • Matt User
    December 14, 2021 at 7:16 pm

    I would give Memberium a 4.8 if I could be more precise, as from my own experience trying alternatives, Memberium has consistently proven the most robust membership solution I’ve ever used for WordPress. In terms of its ability to be built and developed on to quickly reach a highly custom solution, on a shoe box budget it is bar none. The only reason I fall back to a 4.5 instead of rounding up to the 5, is that I do have to admit that there is a learning curve. And while I expect a learning curve with anything as powerful and feature rich as Memberium, learning and interfacing with it can feel a little clunky compared to more modern plugins with fancy UI interfaces and more readily integrated support tools.

    But I’ll take end results over a fancy toolbox with no tools any day, and Memberium consistently delivers. Great job!

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