New Fix for WeDevs Project Manager Pro and Enhancement for WooCommerce Product Variations

After another excellent weekend session with Michelle Blanchette from Purple Turtle Creative, Platyform is happy to announce, not one, but TWO(!) new additions to its Stack Resource Library.

  1. NEW FIX – WeDevs Project Manager Pro – Failing to Assign Users to Task on Multisite.This is a recent error reported via a Support Ticket that we soon recognized occurring across all WordPress Multisite deployments of WeDevs’ WP Project Manager Pro plugin. The error occurs when the user attempts to assign a project user directly to a task. The process will not complete on either the free plugin (no error) or premium version (shows “User Already Assigned in SubTask” if sub-task module is turned on).If you’ve experienced this error and not resolved it yourself, chances are you had to roll your site back to a single site, as unfortunately WeDevs is not indicating their “100% Support” of their plugin when installed in a Multisite (aka “Network”) environment.Because Platyform loves both Multisites and WeDevs WP Projuect Manager Pro very much, we committed ourselves to making it work. Fortunately we were able to quickly find and implement a fix for the failing query, which oddly enough, is to simply run the single site query instead.Reference Platyform’s Fix for details to diagnose and implement the correction on your WordPress Multisite! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or experience other Multisite difficulties with WP Project Manager Pro
  2. NEW ENHANCEMENT – Apply Keap Tag(s) to User on Purchase of specific WooCommerce Product Variation

    We’ve been wanting to address this issue for awhile but neither InfusedWoo nor Memberium provides a great UX/UI for applying specific tags to corresponding WooCommerce product variations on purchase. While both offer the UI field to apply tags for single products (and the “parent product” in the case when variations are set), only InfusedWoo offers a potential frontend solution in its “automation recipes”, but these are not particularly effective to manage at scale (another issue for another day). That said, after yet witnessing another client need for this functionality firsthand, Platyform and Purple Turtle Creative have hopped into action and made this functionality a reality.From a technical standpoint Memberium once again proves a powerful development tool to quickly interface between Keap and WordPress databases. That said, your site will need Memberium and WooCommerce installed with a variable product setup (This plugin is WPMU and WooCommerce Subscriptions Compatible).


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